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Lucky Clover

Wheels for Dia de Sorte

Combinations with efficient numerical distribution
Choose the type of wheel
Traditional Wheels
Choose numbers and conditions for numerical distribution.
Special Wheels
Optimized distributions to
maximize winning chances.
How it works
Special Wheels are extremely optimized numeric distributions that utilize all the numbers available to increase the chances of matching prize ranges.
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You select the amount of tickets/combinations you want to place, and the system presents options with the best winning averages and best percentage of draws with prize ranges.
Luck and persistence are essential to get the highest prize ranges. Smart strategies, however, can pave the way and increase your returns as the big prize approaches.
The Special Wheels were generated exactly for this: to increase the chance of returns in the least amount of tickets, plays and draws possible. This is done with the generation of optimized wheels and chosen after statistical analysis of their performance in all draws of each lottery (with the current matrix, until the indicated draw).
Each wheel presents:
  • Global average of prizes, which deals with the average global percentage of winnings in relation to the global value of tickets.
  • Probability of prizes, which is the statistical probability that the wheel will match a prize range in each draw.
For Dia de Sorte, the probability of prizes does not consider the Lucky Month prize range. This is because you should distribute all months in each 12 different tickets to guarantee a 100% chance of winning in this range.
For greater fidelity of statistical averages, occurrences of prizes in the highest range of each lottery were discarded whenever possible.
Mathematical probabilities and statistical probabilities are different. The odds shown in this tool are statistical odds calculated from the actual draws of each lottery.
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