Powerball | Results for May 31 | 2 4 54 61 62 (rollover!)
Lucky Clover
Print Tickets for Dia de Sorte
Print tickets on sheets or print diretcly on official tickets
How it works
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This is a tool to print tickets on blank paper sheets.
The generated tickets should be printed and cut on the dashed line.
By following all the instructions presented during the procedure, you will be able to print the tickets, cut them out and present them at the official lotteries.
Official lottery equipment is fully capable of reading the tickets printed with this tool, as long as the instructions are followed correctly.
Printed tickets should be similar in size to official tickets.
It is recommended to use Google Chrome or other Chromium-based browser. More detailed instructions will be presented after the generation of the tickets.
Printing Type
Choose how you want to print tickets
Measures Settings
Choose the desired setting
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Main measurements
May vary between printers, software and tickets
Top margin
mm (millimeters)
Left margin
mm (millimeters)
Advanced measurements
Do not vary between printers and software
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Distance between squares
mm (millimeters)
Distance between lines
mm (millimeters)
Distance between plays
mm (millimeters)
Distance from months line
mm (millimeters)
Distance between month squares
mm (millimeters)
Distance reduction to third play
mm (millimeters)
Distance to "number quantity" line
mm (millimeters)
Distance between "number quantity" squares
mm (milímetros)
Quantity of numbers per line
Quantity of plays per ticket
Marking area
mm² (square millimeters)
Lucky Months
Choose how months are marked
Type of draw
Normal or special?
Set ticket borders
Quantity of tickets per sheet
Combinations to be marked on tickets
Numbers per play
Numbers separator
Ticket separator
Generating tickets...
Tickets generated successfully!