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Statistical Picks for Dia de Sorte

Statistical and mathematical filters
How it works
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Statistical Picks. This is an exclusive tool of Lotto-Lotto that allows the choice of several statistical filters to calculate numbers based on statistics and mathematics.
You select the desired filters to calculate tickets. Our system employs the entire Lotto-Lotto statistics database to assign the score (from 0 to 100) for each number according to the chosen criteria. The points of each criterion are added and then the numbers are ordered according to that score.
Among the criteria you can choose are general frequency, recent frequency (last 10, 25, 50 and 100 draws), delays, frequency by days, frequency by months and frequency by years. For each of these filters, you have the option to favor the numbers drawn more often or less often.
For Dia de Sorte, after calculating the pick, you can analyze several aspects of the ticket (even and odds distribution, prime numbers quantity, distribution on quadrants, sum of numbers drawn etc.).
This analysis will present the actual frequency of the numbers, considering all the draws held (therefore, in the case of Dia de Sorte, until the draw 766 held on jun 3, 2023), as well as the expected frequency (considering the mathematical probability).
In addition, individual statistical and mathematical analysis of each number will also be presented in several aspects (delay, general frequency, frequency in the 10, 25, 50 and 100 most recent draws, frequency in draws held on the same day, month and year of the next draw, etc.), as well as the position of the number in relation to the others in each aspect analyzed.
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