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Statistical Analysis for Dupla-Sena

Detailed statistical analysis on demand
How it works
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This is an exclusive tool that performs a detailed statistical and mathematical analysis of lottery tickets.
For the Dupla-Sena, after selecting the numbers, various aspects of the ticket will be analyzed (even and odds distribution, prime numbers quantity, distribution on quadrants, occurrences of each number on its position, sum of numbers drawn etc.).
Each criterion will present the actual frequency of the numbers, considering todos os concursos realizados (portanto, no caso da Dupla-Sena, até o concurso 2523 realizado em 03/Jun/2023), as well as the expected frequency (considering the mathematical probability).
In addition, individual statistical and mathematical analysis of each number will also be presented in several aspects (delay, general frequency, frequency in the 10, 25, 50 and 100 most recent contests, frequency in draws held on the same day, month and year of the next draw, etc.), as well as the position of the number in relation to the others in each analyzed criterion.
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